Rose Cottage, South Cave East Yorkshire

25 09 2012

Whilst visiting Everthorpe Hall, I took a little wonder around Rose Cottage. Without doing some research on this I think it was originally part of Everthorpe Hall and has been sectioned off and made into its own building. At some point in the last 12 months this building has been pulled apart and asbestos has been removed, leaving this beautiful little cottage extremely bare and open….as you can see by the pictures.
I found some little gems inside this cottage which I’m sure you’ll agree….




3 responses

6 12 2013
Sylvia Bird

My husband used to live in Rose Cottage when his Dad worked for HMP Everthorpe. He planted most of the trees on the estate at Beck Road.

7 12 2013

I’ve heard your name a couple of times. I work there so know most of the staff 🙂 Bet it’s changed a fair bit since you’ve last seen it!

7 12 2013
Sylvia Bird

Hi, It has changed so much. I still live on Beck Road. I used to clean in the club for many years both upstairs and downstairs. When I started working at the prison I still cleaned upstairs, training rooms etc. Used to help with the refreshments for governor meetings with Alan Horner. Sylvia

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