The Hudson Way/Kiplingcotes Railway Station

1 10 2012

Today ended up as a stressful walk with my 2 year old son and our 15 week old Ridgeback puppy. Knowing what your looking for is one thing. but knowing how to find it is another. It resulted in a 3 mile walk and then a 5 mile car trip to find what I was looking for, which was Kiplingcoates Railway station. The station was used 1847-1965 and formed part of the old York to Beverley line. In 1971 the section between Market Weighton and Beverley was bought by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and it has been developed as a recreational nature trail, called the Hudson Way after the lines founder; George Hudson. The old Station House is currently lived in and the old Signal box looks as though it’s being used as an art room.

Along the track I came across St Helens Well, it was here that the engine drivers would refill their water tanks, because of course they were driving steam trains. A stream appears mysteriously from under an arch formed by the roots of an old elderberry bush. It is also thought that the water that flows has healing properties and people would bathe at the mouth of the flow of water as it is said to be ‘bath’ shaped.

Photos taken with my Nikon D3000, although today it decided to play up, so pic’s arn’t great but capture some more East Yorkshire beauty.




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1 10 2012

Nice captures!

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