Humber Bridge at night

6 10 2012

To nights experiment was with shutter speed and aperture settings. Something I studied at college but have never really experimented with since having my son. Getting out on an evening after dark can sometimes be difficult…but tonight was play time. A little ride out to the Humber Bridge brought enough moving images to get what I was looking for.

The bridge itself is quite a magnificent structure but this can’t really be seen on these pictures as it had become too dark. However, the light trails from the traffic on the A63 Clive Sullivan Way were fab and also the traffic travelling across the bridge itself.

Using a tripod was essential to take most of these and I even used my new toy….an infrared remote!!

I also managed to sneak a piccy of our visiting fair, ‘The Hull Fair’, in the distance. I feel this may be a separate trip later on in the week… 🙂




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